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You can be anything in Berlin. Also a winner in Bavaria

As soon as Germany wins the contract for the European Championship, the Bundesliga becomes exciting. Berlin celebrates a big soccer evening, and the Bavarians played the World Cup once again. Everything you need to know about the top match.

Starting position of the game: “At the soccer match Hertha-Bayern heleidileidiho, nobody could celebrate a winner heleidileidiho.” 42 years ago I sat in front of the television and heard this. The medium-terzett, you know, the Tall One and the Two Fat Ones, sang on “Dalli Dalli” about the game of the then 4th matchday of the 1976/1977 season, 1:1, goals: Uli Hoeneß and Detlev Szymanek. And since then I have it as a catchy tune in my head every time Hertha BSC plays against FC Bayern. Berlin, you can be so ugly. On the other hand: Fourth against first. Top game.

Result of the game: Not a chance to celebrate a winner. The winner is Hertha BSC. 2:0, goals by a penalty from Vedad Ibisevic and the fifth goal of the season from Ondrej Duda. The match report can be found here.

The first half: Hertha in capital mode. Here we decide. The Bavarians felt pushed into the defensive right from the start, the memory of their last appearance in the Olympic Stadium was obviously still in their bones when they lost the cup final. In the 28th minute, Wilmersdorfer Jérôme Boateng was overwhelmed by local feelings and gave Hertha a penalty kick through his clumsy entry, which was reminiscent of the Boateng of ten years ago. Ibisevic handled it in his usual manner. Then came Duda.

Scene of the match: Valentino Lazaro eats up two Bavarians on the real side, moves into the penalty area, puts back, and Ondrej Duda sinks to the second goal. Manuel Neuer lifts his famous complaint arm helplessly and more pro froor, but it all went too fast for him, too. A goal that Hertha managing director Paul Keuter will undoubtedly process into countless gifs and gimmicks on the Internet in the next few days.

Salomon Kalou Honours


  • Premier League: 2009–10
  • FA Cup: 2006–07, 2008–09, 2009–10, 2011–12
  • Football League Cup: 2006–07
  • FA Community Shield: 2009
  • UEFA Champions League: 2011–12

Ivory Coast

  • Africa Cup of Nations: 2015


  • Dutch Football Talent of the Year: 2005
  • CAF Young Player of the Year: 2008

Champions League raging bull

The second half: The national players of FC Bayern organized a Germany-South Korea memorial race. Approximately as fast as at the World Cup in Russia, in any case just as unsuccessful. If even a four-minute stoppage time in Berlin doesn’t save FC Bayern, the champion has his first problem this season.

Player of the game: 33-year-old Salomon Kalou has good connections to FC Bayern. Six years ago, he was in the final formation of Chelsea FC, which won the Champions League in Munich against Bayern, one might say. Kalou has grown a bit older, but above all a bit cleverer. How he provoked the penalty kick against Boateng was the highest striker slyness. Raging bull Casino is one of the newly established online casino gaming site.

Duel of the game: The day in Berlin was marked by the visit of the Turkish president. Half the city centre was closed, the S-Bahn stopped, traffic jams over traffic jams. But Berlin has already survived so much, this too. In the end, Hertha beat FC Bayern. In the evening at the bar, they become the libero anyway and anyway. And Erdogan is gone again on Saturday.