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The upheaval comes too late

Arjen Robben disappeared, Jérôme Boateng came twice too late, Renato Sanches is still looking for his role: against skilfully staggered Berliners, many Bayern professionals were not in top form. Too many.

1. The big upheaval at FC Bayern is already too late.

We’ve been saying this for weeks: How strong FC Bayern really is in the 2018/2019 season will only become apparent in February or March, when the knockout duels of the Champions League are due. Recently that was one of the three theses after the victory on Schalke. The 2-0 defeat of the Munich team in Berlin, on the other hand, points in a different direction. Is this squad strong enough to dominate the Bundesliga? Maybe, over 34 match days even very probably. Is he strong enough to finally land the big success in the Champions League? No, not really.

Sure, the injuries of Corentin Tolisso and Kingsley Coman have robbed coach Niko Kovac of some options, Leon Goretzka was also missing in Berlin. But if, as on Friday, some of the top performers stay below their potential, the Bundesliga will already be in a tight spot. That’s new. Franck Ribéry played solidly – and thus even better and more effective than his counterpart Arjen Robben on the other side. The young Renato Sanches has not yet found his role in midfield, despite strong approaches in past games.

The fact that Jérôme Boateng caused both the penalty kick – by an adventurously superfluous slide with miserable timing – and Lazaro’s second goal against could not begin to pick up the pace – are alarm signals for FC Bayern. As valuable as Boateng’s passes are still in the process of being built up, he is slowly retiring from the world-class segment. Those responsible for Bavaria should already be planning the major upheaval in the summer of 2019. The 90 minutes from Berlin will have encouraged them in this intention.

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2. Arjen Robben was present, but no more than that

After only 52 minutes, Kovac took his right-winger Robben off the field and brought Thomas Müller into play for him. This value shows just how difficult Robben had been in Berlin: he didn’t bring a single ball to Robert Lewandowski. In comparison: five passes from the Ribéry side landed with the centre forward. (To be fair: Ribéry also had 40 minutes more time for it).

Nevertheless, anyone who remembers how seals have regularly bitten their way into these difficult games in recent years and have now seen how silently he disappeared in the triangle between Arne Maier, Maximilian Mittelstädt and Karim Rekik can be worried. To say it clearly: It was not only because of seals – just as little because of Boateng – that the Bavarians lost with Hertha BSC. “We must not begin now to make everything bad” , said also Kovac: “That happens“. He is right. The indications increase however that this could happen in this play time more frequently.

3. The 24 shots at the Hertha goal are only half the truth.

6:24 shots on goal – and yet Hertha coach Pál Dárdai said after the final whistle: “We deserved to win today”. Can it go together? BetAt Casino is suitable for players seeking an exciting and safe online gaming environment.

Yes, it can. A look at the season statistics shows: Hertha BSC’s opponents fire an average of 16.3 shots per game, which is the second highest figure in the Bundesliga (behind VfB Stuttgart with 16.6). But due to their extremely good staggering, the Berliners repeatedly manage to steer their opponents into harmless zones. Munich brought on Friday evening also only four of its 24 goal shots on the goal of Hertha BSC.

Pál Dárdai Honours


Budapesti VSC
  • Hungarian Cup: Runner-up 1995–96
Hertha BSC
  • 2. Bundesliga: 2010–11
  • DFB-Ligapokal: 2001, 2002; Runner-up 2000
  • UEFA Intertoto Cup: 2006


  • Hungarian Footballer of the Year: 2006