Simple Ways How to Get Your Blog In Google First Page For Beginner

Do you like to make a blog? Being a blogger can be a nice idea to earn money. You can make a blog and then promote certain products to earn money. This is a fairly simple way to get money online. You can do it at your spare time. Some people make it as a part time job, but others make it as a full-time job. There are many people who are successful from developing a blog. When you are developing a blog, certainly you want to make your blog on the first page of Google. Do you know how to get your blog on google first page? There are several ways that you can do to make your blog on the first page.
a. Try starting with keyword research. This is a very crucial part. There are many Google planner tools that you can choose. You can also use Long tail Pro to see the competitiveness score of the keyword. Once you type in the search box, you will find the information quickly by seeing the predictions that could be similar to the search terms that you are typing. For example, when you start to type a keyword, you will be able to see other popular keywords related the searches. If you could find a relevant and high search volume keyword, you will hit the jackpot. But, this is very hard to do at these days. There is still a possibility if you could constantly make a great effort. The higher volume of searches commonly means more competitive keyword. Commonly, more relevant terms with lower volumes of traffic will convert higher rate, so the quality will be better. You need to choose the keyword that is more specific and relevant.
b. Create original content. This is the important way how to get your blog on google first page. You need to post your first post originally. You can plan to write 1000 words or more for each blog post. Review your post and find some opportunities to use your keyword. The best part about your post is the originality. This is because your post is based on your own experience, so it is not written in other places. You can make much engagement and deep emotional connection since it is personal. A good emotional emotion will be able to connect people. You can also make valuable insight that is only from you. It is important to give your readers something they cannot find in another place. If there are a lot of people who have already written same health tips, you need to write other tips, except you know the other tips that nobody else knows. You should give something different for your post, so there will be many readers who are attracted. The Web commonly needs specific content. There are some tips for making high-quality content, like: you need to go deep with the original research, write something interesting that can be printed by journal or magazine, comprehensively cover your topic, minimize the useless and short post, make close attention to the detail, and share interview that is never seen before. Creating high-quality content is the best way to increase your rankings with Google. You can also ask the professional to design your page. The good and attractive page will attract many readers. If your page is too monotonous, the readers won’t be attracted to explore your page. You should consider the grammar and spelling as Google likes to look the texts with correct grammar and spelling.

c. Use optimization tactics.
This is very great since it can lead you on where you should use your keyword within the post. You need to use the keyword in the page title, the URL and Meta description. The section of page analysis will indicate other optimization opportunities. Don’t be worried if you cannot get a green light on each item. You can make an effort to put the center keyword into the first paragraph of the copy. You can go back and adjust your content with your keyword and get the green light on some items.
d. Give proper image
You can include some proper images to your text. It is also the effective way how to get your blog on google first page .Google also likes to see images and pictures. You should consider the image quality since it can play an important role. You can find or create images that could match with your text. You need to avoid stealing the images since it could ruin your rankings. It will be better if you take your own image.
e. Get on social media
At these days, like and shares of social media are rewarded by Google particularly the subjects that are recently relevant. It is better for you to make social media account and build the followers who will like and share your post with their friends. But, do not make spam. Keeping good interaction with your customer will make you valued. You need to try giving good respond for the reviews since it will be appreciated by customers.
f. You should be active in online community
It is important to update your website habitually. Google will reward the website that gives regular updates and maintenance. If you don’t update your site since 2016, you are in bad position. You should update it. You can give a new price, new post, photo, and others.171
Discovering how to get your blog on google first page may feel like a difficult and overwhelming duty. Google utilizes many algorithms and tools that are frequently updated to verify the order that is displayed in the search results. Following those simple steps could make it possible to make a website that comes to the top Google search results. Aaron And Shara: Work From Home And Make Money Online